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Commercial Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

Commercial Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

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Commercial Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE Commercial Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

This was a commercial project that is about to finish so they wanted to add in a radon mitigation system due to government mandates or requirements. Also, they are confident that the employees will be protected from radon exposure. The owner is really happy how it turned out!

Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

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Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

A family was planning to sell their home but realized that their radon levels were too high. They booked Radon Defense Midwest, and the team was able to install a radon mitigation system within a few days. The family was pleased that they could continue with their plans to sell their home without any delay and had peace of mind knowing that they were providing a safe home for the new owners.

Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

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Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE Radon Mitigation - Omaha, NE

This home had a wide and open basement which is definitely ready for a radon mitigation installation. It was under renovation so the homeowner decided to have a it installed before the home closes in August for a full blast repair. Turned out pretty great. 

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Did an awesome job, guys were super friendly.
Testimonial by Mike J. from Omaha, NE

Radon testing, radon mitigation, & indoor air quality in Douglas County, NE

Radon is an odorless and invisible gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers, and has been found in every state. Do you have radon in your Douglas County home?

At Radon Defense Midwest we have highly trained radon testing crews and access to specialized equipment that can accurately measure the radon levels of your home to either provide you with peace of mind or help you take the necessary next steps. If you do have a high level of radon in your home then we can also install a radon mitigation system that can dramatically reduce these radon levels and make your home safe to live in again. We can even help with other indoor air quality problems using a variety of unique products.

If you are worried about radon or simply want to remove other contaminants from the air inside your home, then we can help. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free estimate in Douglas County, NE!

Our products & services:

  • Radon testing
  • Radon mitigation
  • Multi-family radon mitigation
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
  • Breathe EZ Air Cleaner
  • Breathe EZ UV Light
  • Dehumidifiers
Job Stories From Douglas County, NE
Health concerns motivate accessible, effective mitigation

Radon and its adverse health effects can have a profound impact on people's lives. New customers often share with us how their personal history and health concerns have motivated them to test for and eliminate radon in their homes.

Mary Kay was one such customer. She's had some health issues and as she and her husband Dennis grow older eliminating radon has become a priority for them both.

A test revealed the Omaha couple's radon level to be 11.3 pCi/L. Our team installed a mitigation system and a Breathe EZ Air Cleaner to help lower their level as quickly and effectively as possible.

They also made sure that the couple understood how the system functions and were comfortable replacing their own Breathe EZ air filters to ensure that their system keeps them healthy for years to come.

Analytical homeowner and installation team collaborate on mitigation system

Karen has always been an analytical person and takes her role as a homeowner very seriously. Though she knew her house needed radon mitigation, this Omaha homeowner felt no need to rush the process. 

Hearing Karen's concerns, our team crafted an installation plan and walked the homeowner through every step, making sure to offer discrete options that wouldn't keep Karen from completing other home improvement projects she had planned.

Radon may be a serious health concern, but there's no reason why mitigation can't be thoughtful and undisruptive. Our team is dedicated to providing system designs that allow homeowners to keep their homes aesthetically consistent without sacrificing safety.

Clean indoor air important part of healthy lifestyle

Omaha homeowner Brooke cared deeply about her health. Unlike her diet and her workout schedule, Brooke didn't think much about her indoor air quality and its impact on her health. After finding out about the dangers of radon, however, she knew her home needed to be tested.

Home health can have serious implications for personal health, though it's harder to see. Our team assessed the homeowner's needs and installed a mitigation system and Breathe EZ Air Filter so she doesn't have to worry that radon and unsafe indoor air is undermining her healthy lifestyle.

Installation team strives to ensure best possible customer experience

When our installation team is out helping homeowners breathe easier, they record notes at each job for future team members who might work on the project. These notes might include details about the location of an extraction point, a special part needed, or other technical details, but often they also include notes like these:

"Customer has early signs of dementia. Be patient. Help him right please."

"Please take off shoes. It is a cultural preference and it would mean a lot to the customer."

or, sometimes, more simply:

"She is great. Treat her well please."

Our team recognizes that mitigation installation is about more than just the installation. They know that customers are relying on them not only to make their houses safe but to make them feel safe. They understand that welcoming a team of strangers into your home takes trust, and they strive to repay that trust.

That's why they spend time listening to each customer, understanding their specific needs and preferences before suggesting an installation plan. That's why they walk each customer through the installation plan at the customer's pace. That's why they carry out installations with respect for the customer's requests and home rules.

That's why they leave little notes: to ensure their teammates are prepared to give the same five-star treatment to every home and every customer. It's just one part of a great radon mitigation installation, but at National Radon Defense Midwest, we think it's a pretty important one.

Investing in Their Home and Health in Bennington, NE

Renee and Dan plan to sell their house and move in a year and wanted to get the Radon levels down in preparation for the sale. We sealed all cracks that Radon could seep through, installed a one extraction-point radon mitigation system with an exterior fan and muffler. They were also happy for healthier air to breathe for themselves in the meantime. 

Impressed with the attention to detail

Josh did an amazing job. He was so friendly, made sure to ask questions and was so respectful of my home. He left my home cleaner then it was before he got here! Cannot recommend Radon Defense Midwest enough!

High radon in a home with multiple chambers.

Radon Defense Midwest was contacted by concerned home owners in Omaha, NE regarding their radon levels. Upon inspection of the home, we had found muliple additions, creating multiple chambers. We also found that the ceiling and joists were made of concrete. We sat down with the homeowner who had concerns regarding the apperance of the system. Knowing the system would require multiple extraction points, we designed a system with 2 radon mitigation fans, and 6 extraction points. After install we sucessfully took the homeowner from a 14.2 PCI level, to a 2.3. Thank you for trusting Radon Defense Midwest with the health and saftey of your home.

High radon in a home with multiple chambers. - Photo 1High radon in a home with multiple chambers. - Photo 2High radon in a home with multiple chambers. - Photo 3
Exterior Radon Install-Omaha,NE

Andrew and Austin did a great job in this exterior install for our customers. They just moved into their new home and have 2 young children and they would like to spend more time in their basement living area. With the help of our crew and installing this mitigation system, it will allow this family to feel safe in their home knowing that their radon levels will be taken care of. Great job Austin and Andrew!!

Exterior Radon Install-Omaha,NE - Photo 1
A Dad's Love

This was a unique experience for our team. The client owns a hardware store and was hungover during his appointment and apologized for not feeling well. The inspection took quite a while, and he appreciated the thought the radon expert has put into the design and complimented the team a few times about how good they treat him. The client is in his 60s and his son lives in the basement, so he was really concerned about the cancer risk and overall indoor air quality. He was a nice enough guy that warmed up as time progressed. The installation was quick as it was a 2-chamber home. One extraction point as entering finished space along foundation wall, route through finished wall, second extraction point in storage room, route up along ceiling, exit through rim joist and route upside of house. Everything went well!

A Dad's Love - Photo 1
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