New Construction Radon Mitigation Systems in Omaha, De Moines, Lincoln & Nearby

Radon-resistant systems for new construction projects

Commercial Radon Mitigation in Greater Omaha

Whether you need to install a radon-resistant system in a building or are looking for services in a new construction project - we can handle all your commercial radon mitigation needs.

Radon Defense Midwest provides developers, general contractors, architects, and engineers unmatched experience, protecting new buildings from dangerous radon levels by designing and installing radon mitigation systems for new construction and other commercial applications.

We install radon-resistant systems in:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Assisted living centers
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • And more!

Our licensed team specializes in reliable radon testing and mitigation throughout Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa. Our home office is in Omaha, NE - but we go where the work is needed, including Lincoln, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, and nearby areas. Click below to schedule a commercial radon test or to learn more about our radon-resistant system installation services.

FAQs about commercial radon mitigation

  • Why should I do radon-resistant work during construction?

    Radon systems are becoming a standard part of the new construction process. In fact, some financial institutions require systems during the building process to finance the project. HUD, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is leading the conversation. On February 12, 2021, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, FHFA, directed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to adopt EPA-recommended multi-family measurement and mitigation radon requirements used by HUD.

    Installing a system during construction makes it easier to design something aesthetically pleasing. We can also hide fans in the attic or on the roof to prevent unsightly systems on the exterior of the buildings. After all, you have a new building and want it to look the best it can!

    Installing systems during construction also allows the best opportunity to reduce levels as much as possible before finishing and conducting radon testing.

  • What are the design options for installing a radon mitigation system?

    Radon comes from the soil and pulls naturally into the building’s lowest level. It can move throughout the structure either from the stack effect or mechanical air systems. Once trapped in the building, it will break down into radon decay products, which may cause lung cancer. Most people are unaware that there are multiple ways to prevent radon from being an issue in their new building. You can have two types of systems. Passive or Active.

    Passive systems provide a pathway for the radon gases to naturally flow from below the concrete to exhaust above the roofline - this includes work done before and after pouring concrete slabs. Vapor collection matting or perforated PVC runs, vapor barriers, and PVC risers that extend from the ground to the roofline are all part of the process.

    Active systems include all the work a passive system requires but adds one more element: radon fans. These electrical fans pull the air rather than relying on the natural airflow from the stack effect. Activating a passive system is the best way to reduce radon as low as possible.

    Your design specialist will discuss your goals in detail to provide the best plan of action that fits your budget. We can also modify your blueprints to include the radon design that better fits the planning process.

  • Do you conduct a radon test after completion?

    Yes, we are licensed to test in Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa. Once the new building is complete, we will follow all industry standards to ensure the property is safe for occupancy.

Why choose Radon Defense Midwest for your commercial project

  • The National Radon Defense network: Partnerships with the right people can help us better serve our customers. As part of the National Radon Defense network, we have access to resources to guide us in the ever-changing radon industry. The National Radon Defense network includes 40 companies across North America with a shared goal to help protect our communities from radon.
  • Our values: Our culture and people are most important to us. That is why we value work that is Transparent, Empathetic, Positive, and Progressive. You can expect us to keep these values throughout the project, guiding us in every decision and creating a positive experience that you won’t forget.
  • Team of trusted professionals: When you contact Radon Defense Midwest, you will be assigned a Design Specialist to work with you on every step of the process. The Design Specialist will have questions to understand your goals and what is important to you. After, they will create a detailed proposal that matches the scope of work and budget that you expect. Lastly, we schedule the project and bring in our production team leader to assist planning and execution. After the project is complete, we stand behind our work with a warranty that is second to none.

Schedule radon testing or contact us to learn more about our radon mitigation installation services. We provide radon-resistant work for new construction projects and other commercial applications.

We proudly serve Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa areas throughout Omaha, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, North Platte, Elkhorn, Fremont, Hastings, Gretna, Lincoln, Sioux City, and nearby areas.

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