Job Stories

Job Stories

Mitigation system installed hand-in-hand with crawlspace waterproofing
When Mark and Alice bought their Spirit Lake home several years ago, they knew right away it had some moisture problems. An inspection of their crawlspace revealed their fears were correct and motivated a radon test as well.  The radon test confirmed a need for mitigation and our team was able to collaborate with waterproofing efforts to install a system that would keep their home radon-free while saving the Spirit Lake homeowners time.
Neighbors' systems motivate shocking test
Dave and Phyllis noticed radon systems popping up on their neighbors' houses this spring and began to wonder about their own radon level. An initial test reported a level of 60.7 pCi/L. The Dow City homeowners, and our team, were shocked by this incredibly high reading but a few additional tests confirmed that Dave and Phyllis needed to act quickly to protect their health. Our team installed a mitigation system that, with the help of a Breath EZ air filter, can lower the Dow City home's level as quickly as possible. Given the home's high levels, our team recommended a few follow-up visits to ensure that the system is running smoothly and efficiently.  Radon, more than many home issues, is regional. If a high radon level is detected in your home, your neighbors likely have similar levels. When Dave and Phyllis noticed mitigation systems appearing in their area, they were right to be concerned. Our Neighborhood Protection Program, which offers free tests to our customers' neighbors, aims to address this. Because, often, the biggest issue in radon mitigation is realizing you need it.
Collaboration with expert homeowner leads to specific, sophisticated mitigation system
Doug knows his way around a house—he's owned seventeen. So, when moving into his most recent house in Cherokee, Iowa this past year, Doug knew to check for radon. After testing the house himself, Doug was planning on setting up his own mitigation system until questions and complications led him to consult the experts.  We worked hand-in-hand with the Iowa homeowner to implement an efficient mitigation system that fits his specific needs and works with his other home improvement plans because we might be experts in radon, but our customers are experts in their homes. Working together, we can create mitigation systems that are effective in every way.  
Breathe EZ helps couple keep historic family home
Sheila and her husband have lived in their home for over twenty years, but their connection to the house doesn't end there. Shelia's husband grew up in the house and the couple bought it from his parents. The Logan couple wants to stay in their family home forever. A 7.2 pCi/L reading from a radon test in 2015 shook that dream of keeping their family home. After radon mitigation, they now keep their house healthy with a Breathe EZ air cleaner. The Breathe EZ filters radon decay product, allergens, mold spores, airborne viruses and bacteria, airborne chemicals and smoke for better all-around indoor air quality and a healthier inhale.
Warranty gives homeowners clean air, peace of mind
Jeff and his wife built their dream home in 2007 and intended to stay in it forever. When they learned about radon prevalence in Iowa, the couple worried about their general health and safety in the home but they were especially concerned about the basement guestrooms where their children and grandchildren stay while visiting.  Jeff did a fair share of research on radon and mitigation companies, searching for a financially reasonable, trustworthy company backed by a real warranty. After talking to our team at National Radon Defense Midwest, he felt confident that we were the business he was looking for.  We installed a one-suction point system that's backed by our warranty and flows with the rest of the couple's dream home so they, and their family, can stay in it safely for as long as possible.
Daughter pushes for radon-free home
It took a little extra push for Steve to get a radon mitigation system installed in his Rock Rapids, Iowa home. That push was his daughter refusing to visit.  Our team helped Steve understand how dangerous radon can be and how important a well-designed, laboratory-proven and warranty-backed radon mitigation system is. We installed a sump pit and extraction system that fit Steve's specifications and didn't disrupt his home. Now Steve and his daughter can rest assured that they're breathing safe air.
Troubling cough prompts radon test
When Gloree's daughter heard her cough, she knew something was going on. As a nurse, Gloree's daughter immediately recommended that her mother have her home tested and then, her lungs.  The tests revealed an unusually high radon level in Gloree's home and COPD in the Sioux City homeowner's lungs. According to the Mayo Clinic, COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, is caused by long-term exposure to irritating gases, such as radon, and airborne particles. Developing COPD can increase one's chance of developing heart disease, lung cancer, and other related conditions. Radon mitigation can't undo the damage of previous exposure, but it can decrease current exposure and consequently decrease homeowner's chances of developing lung complications like COPD. We installed a radon mitigation system in Gloree's home and a Breathe EZ air filter, which filters out other harmful gases and airborne particles—such as viruses and bacteria, so Gloree can, well, breathe easier. 
Tribal Council recommends mitigation
Homeowners often find out about radon for the first time when their home is inspected as part of a sale or check-in from a housing authority group. For Sebrina and Arjan, it was a tribal council that tested their home and recommended radon mitigation. The Winnebago homeowners found relatively love levels, ranging from 4.1 pCi/L to 5p Ci/L, but wanted to lower them as much as possible. They were concerned about their children, whose bedrooms are in the basement.  We installed a simple, quiet, and aesthetic mitigation system to ease the Winnebago couple's radon level and their worry without waking their children or disrupting their home.
Aging parent motivates clean air check
Susie and her husband thought they were ready to welcome Susie's 94-year-old mother into their Lincoln home until they saw their radon level. Seeing that, the homeowners knew they wouldn't be ready until they were sure the house was safe. We installed a mitigation system and spoke with the Lincoln homeowners about Breathe EZ and other ways to ensure safe and clean indoor air quality so Susie and her mother can breathe safely.
Mitigation system protects house's safety, legacy
Dave has big plans for his house in Staplehurst, Nebraska. He takes pride in having a clean, safe, reliable house and hopes to pass the house on to his kids. With this in mind, the Staplehurst homeowner was looking to increase the house's value with radon mitigation. A test revealed radon levels of 14.3 pCi/L and it became clear that radon mitigation would not only raise the house's value, but make it far safer.  Our team worked closely with Dave to ensure that the system didn't interrupt the house's organization or decrease its value. Dave's plan for his house's legacy is in safe hands with a discrete and effective radon mitigation system.
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