Job Stories

Job Stories

Reduced my levels
I contacted National Radon Defense Midwest in April to test my home for Radon. Our levels came back at 4.4. After listening to Tony present and design the system the same day I received my test results back, we decided to take a chance on National Radon Defense Midwest. Office staff, sales, and installers were all very professional and friendly. Was able to get our system installed and rather quickly too. Just recieved my radon results today for my post test and I am so happy to hear they are at 1.4. Thank you again National Radon Defense Midwest for helping make my home healthy!
Neighbors' systems motivate shocking test
Dave and Phyllis noticed radon systems popping up on their neighbors' houses this spring and began to wonder about their own radon level. An initial test reported a level of 60.7 pCi/L. The Dow City homeowners, and our team, were shocked by this incredibly high reading but a few additional tests confirmed that Dave and Phyllis needed to act quickly to protect their health. Our team installed a mitigation system that, with the help of a Breath EZ air filter, can lower the Dow City home's level as quickly as possible. Given the home's high levels, our team recommended a few follow-up visits to ensure that the system is running smoothly and efficiently.  Radon, more than many home issues, is regional. If a high radon level is detected in your home, your neighbors likely have similar levels. When Dave and Phyllis noticed mitigation systems appearing in their area, they were right to be concerned. Our Neighborhood Protection Program, which offers free tests to our customers' neighbors, aims to address this. Because, often, the biggest issue in radon mitigation is realizing you need it.
Tribal Council recommends mitigation
Homeowners often find out about radon for the first time when their home is inspected as part of a sale or check-in from a housing authority group. For Sebrina and Arjan, it was a tribal council that tested their home and recommended radon mitigation. The Winnebago homeowners found relatively love levels, ranging from 4.1 pCi/L to 5p Ci/L, but wanted to lower them as much as possible. They were concerned about their children, whose bedrooms are in the basement.  We installed a simple, quiet, and aesthetic mitigation system to ease the Winnebago couple's radon level and their worry without waking their children or disrupting their home.
Determined duct cleaning
Our valued customer had contacted us after reading through reviews online. Had concerns with his indoor air quality and the amount of dirt, dust and dog hair in his vents. During an inspection we were able to show the customer the benefit of having his ducts cleaned. We provided the services in September, just in time for fall cleaning. The customer was over the moon with the before and after pictures. Indicated that Josh went above and beyond to make sure he was taken care of. Could tell an immediate difference and his only regret is he did not do it sooner! 
Mitigation system protects house's safety, legacy
Dave has big plans for his house in Staplehurst, Nebraska. He takes pride in having a clean, safe, reliable house and hopes to pass the house on to his kids. With this in mind, the Staplehurst homeowner was looking to increase the house's value with radon mitigation. A test revealed radon levels of 14.3 pCi/L and it became clear that radon mitigation would not only raise the house's value, but make it far safer.  Our team worked closely with Dave to ensure that the system didn't interrupt the house's organization or decrease its value. Dave's plan for his house's legacy is in safe hands with a discrete and effective radon mitigation system.
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