Job Stories

Radon Mitigation- Pleasant Hill, IA
Our crew installed this mitigation system for a homeowner who was concerned about their high radon levels. Now they can sleep better at night knowing their radon problem has been taken care of. 
Radon Mitigation- Slater, IA
Andrew did a great job in this install that had 4 extraction points and an encapsulation. The customer had high levels of radon and wanted to make sure the home was safe!
Andrew and Austin worked hard to get this install completed for our customer who was concerned about the high levels of radon in their home!
Radon Mitigation- Grimes, IA
John was able to get this customers radon mitigation system installed quickly and professionally. They were very happy with how things turned out and even decided to add on duct cleaning once it was completed!! Way to go John giving our customer the best indoor air quality as possible!
Radon Mitigation- Winterset, IA
Andrew did a great job with this 2 system mitigation install. The customer's levels were at a 33 when they tested!! Now they can have peace of mind knowing that their home and indoor air quality is much safer after the install was done!! 
Radon Mitigation- Perry, IA
This customer bought a new home and was concerned about their radon levels being at a 8.9. Andrew was able to get in there and install a radon mitigation system that will help this customer lower his radon levels and make the home safe.
Dirty ducts and bad air quality
We contacted Radon Defense Midwest regarding bad air quality and constant clean up of dust in our home. After consulting with Radon Defense Midwest, we decided the best option would be to get a duct cleaning project going. The difference has been amazing. Josh was very professional and friendly and we could not of choosen a better company to help us! Thank you Radon Defense Midwest for your dedication!
Encapsulation- Fort Dodge, IA
The crew did a great job with this customer's encapsulation. They recently lost their spouse and wanted to take care of the radon levels in their home to make it as safe as possible. Our crew was able to lift that worry by encapsulating this crawl space giving them overall better indoor air quality.
Radon-free air helps recovering lungs stay healthy
When Steve's wife was diagnosed with lung cancer, the non-smoking couple was confident that it was radon-induced. A test of their Corning basement revealed an average radon level of 4.0 pCi/L. Though Iowa's average household radon level, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health, is 8.5 pCi/L, the national Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that all homes with a level at or above 4.0 pCi/L seek radon treatment. Unfortunately, radon mitigation can't reverse the health damage radon has caused, but it can eliminate future damage and safeguard recovery. Our team installed a suction-system with an exterior fan and economy sump pump to lower the couple's radon level and ensure they're breathing safe air. Best wishes to Steve and his family for a speedy and complete recovery.
Sewage issue leads to offensive lingering smell.
When tree roots invade the sewage pipes it causes many problems, blockage, leaks, and horrendous odors. After fixing the root issue this homeowner was still stuck in the lingering sewage smell throughout their home. Each home we work in gets a custom plan to resolve all the customers' issues.  For this home, we installed a sub-slab mitigation system to move the air under the home out and an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to bring in fresh conditioned air.  Within 5 minutes after the install, the odor was improving. “We had Tony as our salesperson, who did a fantastic job explaining the products and system design. Lance and Curt, CEO of the company, performed our install. Very satisfied so far! No sewer smells!”
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