Job Stories

Job Stories

Dirty ducts and bad air quality
We contacted Radon Defense Midwest regarding bad air quality and constant clean up of dust in our home. After consulting with Radon Defense Midwest, we decided the best option would be to get a duct cleaning project going. The difference has been amazing. Josh was very professional and friendly and we could not of choosen a better company to help us! Thank you Radon Defense Midwest for your dedication!
Radon-free air helps recovering lungs stay healthy
When Steve's wife was diagnosed with lung cancer, the non-smoking couple was confident that it was radon-induced. A test of their Corning basement revealed an average radon level of 4.0 pCi/L. Though Iowa's average household radon level, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health, is 8.5 pCi/L, the national Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that all homes with a level at or above 4.0 pCi/L seek radon treatment. Unfortunately, radon mitigation can't reverse the health damage radon has caused, but it can eliminate future damage and safeguard recovery. Our team installed a suction-system with an exterior fan and economy sump pump to lower the couple's radon level and ensure they're breathing safe air. Best wishes to Steve and his family for a speedy and complete recovery.
Sewage issue leads to offensive lingering smell.
When tree roots invade the sewage pipes it causes many problems, blockage, leaks, and horrendous odors. After fixing the root issue this homeowner was still stuck in the lingering sewage smell throughout their home. Each home we work in gets a custom plan to resolve all the customers' issues.  For this home, we installed a sub-slab mitigation system to move the air under the home out and an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to bring in fresh conditioned air.  Within 5 minutes after the install, the odor was improving. “We had Tony as our salesperson, who did a fantastic job explaining the products and system design. Lance and Curt, CEO of the company, performed our install. Very satisfied so far! No sewer smells!”
Very Happy with Radon Mitigation System in Sac City, IA
Thrasher encapsulated the crawl space of Terese's home years agao, and she wanted to mitigate the Radon gas out of her home after receiving her results at 4.3 pCi/L. The NRD Midwest team installed a 4 extraction point radon system with muffler, breathe ez cleaner, uvc light and sedona. Afterward, Terese shared, "The gentlemen were cooperative, cleaned up well, explained everything. and very thorough. They did a great job, they really did. Very happy with it. Will definitely refer!"
A Safe and Healthy Home in Newell, IA
Lynn and his wife wanted to create a safe and healthy home for themselves, but also their grandchildren who come over often. Our team of specialists installed a one extraction point system with interior aesthetics, a muffler, and a sump cover to take care of their Radon mitigation. Afterward, Lynn shared, "The boys were excellent - very explanatory, neat, quick, and they did excellent all the way around!"
Mitigation System Installed Hand-in-Hand with Crawlspace Waterproofing
When Mark and Alice bought their Spirit Lake home several years ago, they knew right away it had some moisture problems. An inspection of their crawlspace revealed their fears were correct and motivated a radon test as well.  The radon test confirmed a need for mitigation and our team was able to collaborate with waterproofing efforts to install a system that would keep their home radon-free while saving the Spirit Lake homeowners time.
Air Quality Expert in Falls City, NE Calls on National Radon Defense Midwest
Sally's son Bill works as an Air Quality Expert and had measured the Radon in their new home in Falls City, NE. Their results came back with Radon gas levels at 9.4 pCi/L. When Sally saw the National Radon Defense Midwest truck in her neighborhood, she knew it was a sign to call on trustworthy professionals! We installed a two extraction point radon mitigation system and added a new sump pit pump with discharge and a cover. Afterward she shared with us, "The gentlemen were super nice, fast and efficient, and did a great job! They were very nice young men, we are very appreciative of the kindness."
Reduced my levels
I contacted National Radon Defense Midwest in April to test my home for Radon. Our levels came back at 4.4. After listening to Tony present and design the system the same day I received my test results back, we decided to take a chance on National Radon Defense Midwest. Office staff, sales, and installers were all very professional and friendly. Was able to get our system installed and rather quickly too. Just recieved my radon results today for my post test and I am so happy to hear they are at 1.4. Thank you again National Radon Defense Midwest for helping make my home healthy!
Neighbors' systems motivate shocking test
Dave and Phyllis noticed radon systems popping up on their neighbors' houses this spring and began to wonder about their own radon level. An initial test reported a level of 60.7 pCi/L. The Dow City homeowners, and our team, were shocked by this incredibly high reading but a few additional tests confirmed that Dave and Phyllis needed to act quickly to protect their health. Our team installed a mitigation system that, with the help of a Breath EZ air filter, can lower the Dow City home's level as quickly as possible. Given the home's high levels, our team recommended a few follow-up visits to ensure that the system is running smoothly and efficiently.  Radon, more than many home issues, is regional. If a high radon level is detected in your home, your neighbors likely have similar levels. When Dave and Phyllis noticed mitigation systems appearing in their area, they were right to be concerned. Our Neighborhood Protection Program, which offers free tests to our customers' neighbors, aims to address this. Because, often, the biggest issue in radon mitigation is realizing you need it.
Reducing negative health impact from poor indoor air quality
Evelyn first suspected something wasn't right with the air in her house when she realized how often she felt sick while at home. Concerned about her health, the Sidney homeowner contacted us about getting her home tested for radon. Sure enough, the radon level was high. We installed a two-suction point system with exterior aesthetics to reduce Evelyn's radon level without reducing the value of her home. To help ensure that the homeowner stays healthy, we also installed a Breathe EZ air cleaner for better all-around indoor air quality and made sure Evelyn felt comfortable changing her Breathe EZ filter. It's all too easy to forget about your air quality until you feel the negative impacts. Stories like Evelyn's remind us all that the air in our homes directly affects our health. Taking steps toward cleaner air like installing radon mitigation and indoor air quality controls help keep everyone in the house safe and healthy.
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