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Commercial Radon Mitigation - Clarence, MO

Commercial Radon Mitigation in Clarence, Missouri

We've done environmental work for ER and EPA before at other properties. This is a building with elevated soil vapors. Systems to install would be suction point in basement, seal sump, second suction point into crawlspace that is accessible and encapsulated. The team has also recommended to install an ERV into the other crawlspace that has small windows. They have sealed any cracks or joints as needed. Everything was installed to their liking and indeed happy!

Radon Mitigation - Bondurant, IA

This is a pretty simple system as the basement is unfinished but framed out to be able to be finished. Homeowners from the sounds of things are possibly looking to move in the next few years but unsure of where they are going to go. They requested that everything needs to be kept on the left hand side of the basement in the room that will be a utility room. Due to elevated levels there needs to be too extraction points. One can most likely be slipped near the water heater. But the homeowner is looking to have our exit point be near the exit point of everything else on the side of the home. Installation went smooth!

Radon Mitigation- Pleasant Hill, IA

Our crew installed this mitigation system for a homeowner who was concerned about their high radon levels. Now they can sleep better at night knowing their radon problem has been taken care of. 

New Sump Install and Covers-Elkhart,IA

Andrew and John did a great job installing this new sump and domed covers for our customers.

Radon Mitigation - Des Moines, IA

This job was quite a challenge since it was a complicated installation. Our team has some difficulty looking for a better routing system for the ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) but we still made sure the options are discussed with the customer. We were able to find a work around with the routing and the customer was happy about it since they are to build a shelf at some point. The home had a very interesting design and basement structure. All went smoothly! 

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