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Breathe EZ Installation - Clarinda, IA
This was a fan replacement and a Breathe EZ filter installation. This was a repeat client and the Radon Defense Midwest team had serviced most of her properties for rental. She was extremely happy with the service and the client is not hard to talk to. She also helps with the process. It's a fulfilling installation project! 
Crawlspace Encapsulation - Clarinda, IA
This was crawlspace encapsulation project since there was a musty smell coming from it and the client was worried about the moisture. He was also starting to see some bugs crawling in so he made the decision to have this encapsulated for better protection of his home. 
Happy Couple, Expert Radon Mitigation Team
This unique home nestled in the heartland of Missouri was not only a sight to behold but also the abode of a lovely couple seeking the best radon mitigation experts. Their quest led them to stumble upon our Radon Defense Midwest website, where they witnessed our exceptional work and read numerous glowing testimonials from satisfied customers. Intrigued and hopeful, they reached out to us, eager to secure our services.   As our team arrived at their residence for the inspection, they quickly noticed an intriguing feature—a crawlspace that encircled the entire basement. It presented a challenge, for locating suitable extraction points proved more difficult than anticipated. However, our diligent experts persevered, meticulously exploring every nook and cranny until they discovered the perfect spot. With utmost care and precision, they sealed it, ensuring that no radon gas would escape.   The mitigation process commenced smoothly, and the couple eagerly observed as our professionals worked their magic. Days turned into weeks, and soon the project reached its conclusion. The final radon measurements were nothing short of remarkable, and the couple's elation was palpable. They expressed their utmost gratitude, relieved to have entrusted their home to our capable hands.   Not only did the couple's home now stand safeguarded against the dangers of radon, but a lasting bond had formed. Our team had not only fulfilled their duty as experts but also left behind satisfied clients turned friends. The couple happily shared their positive experience with friends and neighbors, further cementing our reputation as the go-to radon mitigation experts in the Midwest
A Home's Solid Foundation
Aware of the potential risks associated with radon, Mr. Anderson embarked on a mission to monitor and mitigate this invisible threat lurking beneath their foundation. With a commitment to their family's health, Mr. Anderson sought out professionals to assess and address the radon levels within their new abode. Experts in their field, the dedicated team conducted a comprehensive inspection, measuring radon levels throughout the house.   Armed with the data, the experts formulated a customized plan, tailored to meet Mr. Anderson's desires for the lowest possible radon levels. They meticulously installed a state-of-the-art radon monitoring system, placing sensors strategically to continuously track radon gas fluctuations. This ensured that any signs of heightened radon levels would be promptly detected, providing peace of mind for the client.   Thrilled with the professional and efficient service, Mr. Anderson and their family were satisfied knowing that their home was safeguarded against the invisible threat. The team's commitment to delivering the highest quality work resonated with the Andersons, who felt reassured in their decision to prioritize their family's well-being.   As time passed, the radon monitoring system diligently kept watch over the home, ensuring that radon levels remained at the lowest possible. The Andersons lived in a safe haven, free from the hidden dangers that radon could bring.
Noisy Radon Fan? Radon Defense Midwest Knows What To Do!
This customer was annoyed and had been complaining with the noise level of their old radon fan. Turns out the location they wanted was next to a bedroom. There is almost no insulation behind their siding, so if the pipe even comes close to the house, there is a vibration/noise. We explained to them how it was and was very disappointed with the previous mitigation company they worked with. We drafted a plan where the team managed to strap the pipe above the fan with J hooks to help with the noise. It was a nice experience since customer has knowledge in construction he had better hooks provided - he didn't ask for a discount either which was cool. Everything went well and he was happy!
Very Happy with Radon Mitigation System in Sac City, IA
Thrasher encapsulated the crawl space of Terese's home years agao, and she wanted to mitigate the Radon gas out of her home after receiving her results at 4.3 pCi/L. The NRD Midwest team installed a 4 extraction point radon system with muffler, breathe ez cleaner, uvc light and sedona. Afterward, Terese shared, "The gentlemen were cooperative, cleaned up well, explained everything. and very thorough. They did a great job, they really did. Very happy with it. Will definitely refer!"
A Safe and Healthy Home in Newell, IA
Lynn and his wife wanted to create a safe and healthy home for themselves, but also their grandchildren who come over often. Our team of specialists installed a one extraction point system with interior aesthetics, a muffler, and a sump cover to take care of their Radon mitigation. Afterward, Lynn shared, "The boys were excellent - very explanatory, neat, quick, and they did excellent all the way around!"
Radon Mitigation - Coin, IA
This client is a mom of a 3 kids with her husband who loves hunting. At first, they were having second thoughts to pursue this remediation system but most his neighbors have one and it was for the protection of the kids so he made the decision. He had a radon test which returned to 18.5, not good. Thrasher installed a partial system years ago with Waterguard, Triple Safe sump pump, and 32" Cleanspace on walls. There's a sub slab extraction point near sump pit and tap into Waterguard, then second extraction point near door in storage room. The team made a core through block wall to exit on side corner of house and installed a Breathe EZ filter.
Preserving the Heart of Home
To its owner, the farmhouse held an irreplaceable charm, and preserving its legacy became an utmost priority. The farmhouse's custodian, Mrs. Thompson, cherished the abode that had been a sanctuary for her family for decades. As time passed, however, concerns about the indoor air quality began to trouble her. Determined to protect the health and well-being of her loved ones, Mrs. Thompson embarked on a quest to create a haven of clean and rejuvenating air within her cherished farmhouse.   She sought out experts who understood her attachment to the old farmhouse and her desire for healthy indoor air. With their guidance, Mrs. Thompson obtained her very own state-of-the-art air purification system, designed to eliminate allergens, pollutants, and contaminants from the air she held so dear.   With careful precision, the system was installed, its components blending seamlessly with the farmhouse's rustic aesthetic. As the gentle hum of the air purifier filled the rooms, a sense of tranquility settled upon Mrs. Thompson. She knew that her beloved farmhouse would continue to be a sanctuary, now not only for cherished memories but also for the gift of pure, healthy air.
Commercial Radon Mitigation - Shenandoah, IA
This was a huge commercial project that was built from scratch. As a new construction, the owner wanted to make sure that the foundation is protected from any harmful gases like radon. He might be putting up the building for sale in the future and he did mention having a radon mitigation installed in a building is a fast buying factor. The installation went well and we didn't need any roof penetration which made the owner really happy!
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