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Radon Mitigation- Oakland, IA
Andrew installed this 2-point extraction mitigation system for our customer who is a single mom and wanted to make sure her home was safe for her and her kids. 
Beloved Old Farmhouse Protected from Radon
The old farmhouse stood as a silent witness to the passage of time. Built in the 1960s, it had weathered the years and witnessed different families come and go. From 2005 to 2017, it served as a rental property until the current owner decided to purchase it, determined to provide a safe haven for his three beloved daughters.   Concerned about their well-being and indoor air quality, the owner approached our team, seeking a solution to ensure their safety and protection. After careful assessment, we devised a plan that involved installing two extraction points, strategically positioned in each corner of the basement. This approach would effectively mitigate radon levels and improve the overall air quality within the farmhouse.   However, there was a challenge lying beneath the surface—an existing tight crawlspace that demanded extra attention and care during the installation process. Undeterred, our team embraced the obstacle as an opportunity to showcase their expertise.   With meticulous planning and precision, we executed the project flawlessly. Our skilled technicians navigated the tight spaces of the crawlspace, ensuring that every component of the radon mitigation system was installed securely and seamlessly integrated with the farmhouse's existing infrastructure.   As the installation came to a successful close, a sense of accomplishment filled the air. The owner was relieved and grateful, knowing that his daughters now had a home that not only boasted better indoor air quality but also safeguarded their health.   The old farmhouse, now revitalized, breathed new life as it became a sanctuary for the owner and his daughters. The memories made within those walls would be ones filled with joy, laughter, and the assurance of a safe and protected environment—a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team.
Radon Mitigation - Hastings, IA
Amid the cityscape of Iowa, this diligent homeowner made the choice to invest in radon mitigation. He considered financing as he shared his budgeting struggles with us but it's not much of a problem as our options are very flexible with his household income. After the paperwork and processing... With their system in place, they could proudly say that their home was not just a place to live but also a sanctuary of health for everyone who stays there.
Mitigation System Installed Hand-in-Hand with Crawlspace Waterproofing
When Mark and Alice bought their Spirit Lake home several years ago, they knew right away it had some moisture problems. An inspection of their crawlspace revealed their fears were correct and motivated a radon test as well.  The radon test confirmed a need for mitigation and our team was able to collaborate with waterproofing efforts to install a system that would keep their home radon-free while saving the Spirit Lake homeowners time.
Radon Mitigation - Shelby, IA
This client had his home tested for radon and it really came out high. Really worried, they contacted us as soon as possible. We have explained the ideal structure they can have on their home since there were two sump pits to seal. Installation was smooth. 
Air Quality Expert in Falls City, NE Calls on National Radon Defense Midwest
Sally's son Bill works as an Air Quality Expert and had measured the Radon in their new home in Falls City, NE. Their results came back with Radon gas levels at 9.4 pCi/L. When Sally saw the National Radon Defense Midwest truck in her neighborhood, she knew it was a sign to call on trustworthy professionals! We installed a two extraction point radon mitigation system and added a new sump pit pump with discharge and a cover. Afterward she shared with us, "The gentlemen were super nice, fast and efficient, and did a great job! They were very nice young men, we are very appreciative of the kindness."
Bachelor's Guide to Safety
This client was a bachelor who mainly works at home and spends most of his days indoors. He wanted to make sure he is protected from radon exposure as he does believe his health is what matters at the end of the day. Upon booking he was really accommodating and very open with his home. He was really happy on how the radon mitigation system installation turned out!  
Reduced my levels
I contacted National Radon Defense Midwest in April to test my home for Radon. Our levels came back at 4.4. After listening to Tony present and design the system the same day I received my test results back, we decided to take a chance on National Radon Defense Midwest. Office staff, sales, and installers were all very professional and friendly. Was able to get our system installed and rather quickly too. Just recieved my radon results today for my post test and I am so happy to hear they are at 1.4. Thank you again National Radon Defense Midwest for helping make my home healthy!
Crawlspace Encapsulation - Okoboji, IA
This client had their home scheduled for a general cleaning as they are thinking about giving it up for rental as an extra passive income. The team observed their crawlspace and it wasn't really a pretty sight to they did what they had to do and clean it. The encapsulation was a smooth success! Client was happy. 
Safe Start for a Newly Married Couple
Amazing couple had just purchased their dream home in the Midwest and were surprised to find high radon levels during their home inspection. Radon Defense Midwest came to their rescue, providing a quick and effective mitigation solution, which allowed them to move in with peace of mind -- minus the regulation worries too!
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