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Pet Cats' Sickness Due to Radon Exposure
Brian, our client is a very nice guy that appreciates good communication. He used to be the local pastor and has a wife and two teenage sons. He tested for radon and got levels of 8 and just recently became aware of. Wife has office in basement which is very alarming since that's where she spends the most time on. They also have a split level basement. The team ended the installation by routing up under ceiling across the basement and core through block next to window, elbow over and up for radon fan to fit. Everything went well and the clients are happy! 
Radon Mitigation - Hamburg, IA
This home was quite huge along with a good sized crawlspace about 4 feet high. It also has a rock base layer. The team did their best ability to install a smart drain and start the installation from the old basement storage room as per the client's request. There is a sump in the finished spot that is going to be used since it has an interior drain tile sealed with a Plexi lid. The installation was a success and everything turned out the way it should be. 
Expecting Husband and Wife Wants Double Protection
Met with the homeowner who manages a local bank and grew up in the area (Malvern, IA). He and his wife are expecting their first child and want to make the home safer. They had their home tested for radon and returned with levels of 10. Pretty worried, the team drafted their radon mitigation system. It starts with the sump pit with interior drain tile that is boxed in with wood. The husband will remove the wood box prior to installation. Route up and through drywall, core through block wall to exit home. Everything paid off after the installation. They were happy with how it turned out.
Radon Defense Midwest's Success Installation for New Home Owner
John had finally achieved his dream of purchasing a new home. As a responsible homeowner, he knew that ensuring his family's safety was of utmost importance. He had heard about the dangers of radon, a colorless and odorless gas that could seep into homes and cause serious health issues. Determined to create a healthy living environment, John wasted no time and contacted Radon Defense Midwest, a reputable company known for their expertise in radon mitigation.   The professionals from Radon Defense Midwest arrived promptly, equipped with their knowledge and cutting-edge technology. They assessed John's home thoroughly, identifying potential entry points for radon gas. With precision and skill, they installed a mitigation system tailored to his home's specific needs. John was impressed by their efficiency and professionalism throughout the entire process.   After the mitigation system was installed, John anxiously awaited the results. Radon Defense Midwest had assured him that the levels would drop to safe limits, but he still felt a sense of relief when he saw the final readings. The radon levels had indeed plummeted, ensuring a healthy and secure environment for his family.   Grateful for the dedication and expertise of Radon Defense Midwest, John knew he had made the right decision. The peace of mind he gained from their services was priceless. Now, he could enjoy his new home without worrying about the potential health hazards that radon could bring.
Protecting the Furry Family from Radon
Mr. Roberts, a pet-friendly homeowner, embarked on a journey to safeguard the health of his beloved family, both human and furry alike. Concerned about the potential risks of radon, he resolved to create a healthier living environment for his loved ones.   Driven by his deep sense of responsibility, Mr. Roberts sought out the best radon mitigation option available for his home. Aware of the potential harm radon could cause to his family and cherished pets, he wanted nothing but the highest level of protection.   With thorough research and consultation, Mr. Roberts partnered with a dedicated team of radon mitigation specialists who understood his concerns. They carefully assessed the home's unique requirements, taking into account the presence of pets, and presented him with a tailored solution.   With unwavering dedication, the team installed a state-of-the-art radon mitigation system that not only effectively reduced radon levels but also took into consideration the well-being of Mr. Roberts' furry friends. Special attention was given to the system's placement, ensuring minimal disruption to the pets' daily routines.   Mr. Roberts felt immense relief and gratitude as he watched the team's meticulous work unfold. The once lingering worries about radon evaporated, replaced by a newfound sense of security for his family and pets.   With the radon mitigation system in place, Mr. Roberts and his furry companions continued to enjoy a healthier home, free from the invisible threat that had initially troubled him. The dedication to their well-being showcased the unwavering love and responsibility Mr. Roberts held for his family, reminding him that they were truly the guardians of their furry family's health.
Neighbors' systems motivate shocking test
Dave and Phyllis noticed radon systems popping up on their neighbors' houses this spring and began to wonder about their own radon level. An initial test reported a level of 60.7 pCi/L. The Dow City homeowners, and our team, were shocked by this incredibly high reading but a few additional tests confirmed that Dave and Phyllis needed to act quickly to protect their health. Our team installed a mitigation system that, with the help of a Breath EZ air filter, can lower the Dow City home's level as quickly as possible. Given the home's high levels, our team recommended a few follow-up visits to ensure that the system is running smoothly and efficiently.  Radon, more than many home issues, is regional. If a high radon level is detected in your home, your neighbors likely have similar levels. When Dave and Phyllis noticed mitigation systems appearing in their area, they were right to be concerned. Our Neighborhood Protection Program, which offers free tests to our customers' neighbors, aims to address this. Because, often, the biggest issue in radon mitigation is realizing you need it.
Radon Mitigation Installation with Free Sandwiches
It was a beautiful day in the middle of summer, and the Radon Defense Midwest team was out on a job. They were tasked with installing a new radon mitigation system in a nice lady's home, who had reached out to them for help.   The team arrived at the home and were greeted by the homeowner, a sweet and talkative lady. She welcomed the team with open arms and a warm smile, eager to get started on the project. As they began working, she chatted away, sharing her life stories with the team. It was clear that she was a social butterfly and had a lot to say. Throughout the installation, the homeowner was incredibly helpful, offering her extra hands whenever needed. She was very interested in the process and asked a lot of questions. The team was happy to explain everything to her and make sure she was fully informed about the work they were doing.   At lunchtime, the homeowner surprised the team with a delicious spread of sandwiches and snacks. It was a nice gesture, and the team appreciated the thoughtful gesture. The homeowner even sat down with them to chat while they ate, sharing more stories about her life. As they continued the installation, the team noticed that the homeowner's home was spotless. It was clear that she took pride in keeping her home neat and tidy. She explained that she wanted a radon mitigation system for her home because her brother had installed one and it had helped his breathing. She wanted to prioritize her health and make sure her home was safe.   Despite having an existing radon mitigation system, the homeowner was not happy with its design and structure. She had heard about Radon Defense Midwest and reached out to them for help. The team worked efficiently and effectively, making sure to address all of her concerns and ensure that the new system met all the necessary safety standards.   In the end, the homeowner was thrilled with the new radon mitigation system. She expressed her gratitude to the team, thanking them for their hard work and for improving her home's safety. The team was happy to have been able to help and grateful for the opportunity to meet such a kind and generous homeowner.
Reducing negative health impact from poor indoor air quality
Evelyn first suspected something wasn't right with the air in her house when she realized how often she felt sick while at home. Concerned about her health, the Sidney homeowner contacted us about getting her home tested for radon. Sure enough, the radon level was high. We installed a two-suction point system with exterior aesthetics to reduce Evelyn's radon level without reducing the value of her home. To help ensure that the homeowner stays healthy, we also installed a Breathe EZ air cleaner for better all-around indoor air quality and made sure Evelyn felt comfortable changing her Breathe EZ filter. It's all too easy to forget about your air quality until you feel the negative impacts. Stories like Evelyn's remind us all that the air in our homes directly affects our health. Taking steps toward cleaner air like installing radon mitigation and indoor air quality controls help keep everyone in the house safe and healthy.
Radon Responsibility is School's Priority
This was newly built commercial location intended for a school with a single classroom - mainly focused on kids. The owners wanted to make sure that every protection from harmful gases or pollutants are away from the students. A radon mitigation system was on top of their list. They were fully aware on how the radon levels go in the area so made sure they contacted Radon Defense Midwest for this installation! 
Radon Mitigation - Treynor, IA
Ryan and his family moved in a few months ago at this modern home and learned that radon levels were high at 18 so they have health concerns. Ryan works from home and in the IT industry. His main concern was for his family's protection and no further symptoms due to exposure. The installation began with the crawlspace under the sun room and added a Breathe EZ ERV along. He was happy with the outcome.
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