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Radon Mitigation Installation Success
Determined to protect his loved ones, John embarked on a mission to install a radon mitigation system. Little did he know that this endeavor would present him with a formidable challenge. He spent hours researching the best methods, consulting experts, and gathering the necessary equipment.   The installation process proved to be intricate and demanding. John had to locate the most suitable location for the system, drill through the foundation, and ensure a proper seal to prevent any radon from seeping into their living spaces. It required meticulous attention to detail, precise measurements, and unwavering perseverance.   Days turned into weeks as John tirelessly labored, with the unwavering support of his family. They understood the importance of this task and encouraged him every step of the way. Finally, after weeks of hard work and dedication, the radon mitigation system was successfully installed.   A sense of relief washed over John as he tested the air in their home and found the radon levels significantly reduced. The safety of his family was no longer compromised. They could now breathe easy, knowing that their haven was shielded from the harmful effects of radon.   The experience taught John the power of determination and resilience. It reinforced the idea that a safe and secure environment for his family was worth every challenge faced. With newfound confidence and a deepened sense of gratitude, John was inspired to advocate for radon awareness in his community, ensuring that others were aware of the dangers and empowered to protect their own homes.
Radon-free air helps recovering lungs stay healthy
When Steve's wife was diagnosed with lung cancer, the non-smoking couple was confident that it was radon-induced. A test of their Corning basement revealed an average radon level of 4.0 pCi/L. Though Iowa's average household radon level, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health, is 8.5 pCi/L, the national Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that all homes with a level at or above 4.0 pCi/L seek radon treatment. Unfortunately, radon mitigation can't reverse the health damage radon has caused, but it can eliminate future damage and safeguard recovery. Our team installed a suction-system with an exterior fan and economy sump pump to lower the couple's radon level and ensure they're breathing safe air. Best wishes to Steve and his family for a speedy and complete recovery.
Sewage issue leads to offensive lingering smell.
When tree roots invade the sewage pipes it causes many problems, blockage, leaks, and horrendous odors. After fixing the root issue this homeowner was still stuck in the lingering sewage smell throughout their home. Each home we work in gets a custom plan to resolve all the customers' issues.  For this home, we installed a sub-slab mitigation system to move the air under the home out and an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to bring in fresh conditioned air.  Within 5 minutes after the install, the odor was improving. “We had Tony as our salesperson, who did a fantastic job explaining the products and system design. Lance and Curt, CEO of the company, performed our install. Very satisfied so far! No sewer smells!”
Any Client's Safe Heaven
After learning about the dangers of radon gas, this homeowner wastes no time in getting a radon mitigation system installed in her home by contacting Radon Defense Midwest. With peace of mind, she creates a safe haven for her family, knowing they can breathe easy. She is really happy with her decision as this is a lifetime commitment of safety!
Clearmont Home, Clear from High Radon Exposure
This Clearmont home had a unique layout that added an extra layer of complexity: a basement with a sub-basement. The lowest level remained unfinished, providing an opportunity to address the radon issue effectively. With a clear plan in mind, the homeowner reached out to our team, eager to transform her dwelling into a safer haven.   Our experts arrived at the property, ready to tackle the challenge. They meticulously assessed the layout, considering the distinct characteristics of each basement level. Taking into account the unique structure and airflow patterns, they devised an installation strategy that would encompass both areas seamlessly.   As the installation process commenced, our skilled technicians worked diligently, navigating through the various levels with expertise. With careful precision, they placed the necessary components in the optimal locations, ensuring the efficient extraction of radon gas.   The homeowner watched with anticipation as the radon mitigation system took shape. She admired the professionalism and skill of our team, who seamlessly integrated the system into her home's existing infrastructure. The installation progressed smoothly, leaving no disruption or inconvenience in its wake.   With the final touches in place, the radon mitigation system stood as a silent guardian, diligently working to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the homeowner and her loved ones. The homeowner expressed her gratitude, relieved to have taken proactive measures to address the radon issue.   In the end, the Clearmont home transformed into a sanctuary, where peace of mind and well-being prevailed. As the days passed, the homeowner's worries faded, replaced by a sense of assurance and contentment. Her decision to invest in a radon mitigation system had paid off, allowing her family to thrive in a home free from the dangers of elevated radon levels.
Commercial Radon Mitigation - Carroll, IA
This was a newly built building for commercial purposes and before the owner decided to invest in a radon mitigation system, she decided to do a radon test first. It came out with high levels so they really needed to mitigate. Regardless of the budget, they believe that the protection of the people who will use their building is the priority. They were really happy how the installation turned out!
Radon Mitigation - Havelock, IA
A call of worry from this couple needed our help as they were worried to be poisoned by radon. We educated them the signs and symptoms and so far they weren't experiencing any of it. They decided to get their own radon mitigation system to prevent any health issues in the future. They know that it has been all over the news since a few years ago so they wanted to make sure it does not happen to them.
New Year, New Beginnings
As the calendar turned to 2023, a lovely couple embarked on a journey to create a healthier environment within their home. Determined to start the year on the right foot, they recognized the importance of addressing radon, an invisible threat that could compromise their well-being.   Eager to take action, they sought out professional help and reached out to our team. Through thoughtful discussions and careful consideration, we collaborated with the couple to design the ideal radon mitigation set-up for their home.   The couple's enthusiasm and eagerness to prioritize their health were palpable throughout the process. Their dedication to creating a safe living space was met with our team's expertise and commitment to excellence.   As the plans were finalized, the couple expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the proposed set-up. They were relieved to have taken the necessary steps to protect themselves from radon, ensuring a healthy and prosperous start to the new year.
Commercial Radon Mitigation - Atlantic, IA
This school's gym radon tested around 3 times for the owner to convince himself that it really needs to have a mitigation system. There's a system on the main school building and a second one that looks like it goes into the ground outside the storm shelter. The team decided to place the fan on the backside of the shelter and have it elevated closer to the roof. In that way it reaches the outlet for power. This was a challenge as it took a long to figure out how to arrange the structure of the system without adjusting any other infrastructure piping. Nevertheless, the installation was a success! Team never felt better! 
Exterior Mitigation and Encapsulation
John did a great job installing an exterior mitigation system for our customer as well as encapsulating a crawl space to help lower their radon levels in the home. Our customer was wanting to make their home as safe as possible for them and their family. 
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