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Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

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Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

These homeowners spend so much time in the basement and were worried about their possible radon exposure, They did test their home and returned with low levels but still pursued to have an active-passive system for additional protection. 

Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

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Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

This parents are concerned with their small children and wanted to ensure their home was safe from radon. Radon Defense Midwest installed a mitigation system, reducing radon levels to safe levels and giving the family peace of mind.

Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

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Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE Radon Mitigation - Lincoln, NE

This lovely couple had some concerns about working from home and in their basement because of the effects of radon. They had their home tested and came down to average levels but still made the decision to get their radon mitigation system because they believe that it's better to be protected than never. 

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Radon testing, radon mitigation, & indoor air quality in Lancaster County, NE

Radon is an odorless and invisible gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers, and has been found in every state. Do you have radon in your Lancaster County home?

At Radon Defense Midwest we have highly trained radon testing crews and access to specialized equipment that can accurately measure the radon levels of your home to either provide you with peace of mind or help you take the necessary next steps. If you do have a high level of radon in your home then we can also install a radon mitigation system that can dramatically reduce these radon levels and make your home safe to live in again. We can even help with other indoor air quality problems using a variety of unique products.

If you are worried about radon or simply want to remove other contaminants from the air inside your home, then we can help. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free estimate in Lancaster County, NE!

Our products & services:

  • Radon testing
  • Radon mitigation
  • Multi-family radon mitigation
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
  • Breathe EZ Air Cleaner
  • Breathe EZ UV Light
  • Dehumidifiers
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Aging parent motivates clean air check

Susie and her husband thought they were ready to welcome Susie's 94-year-old mother into their Lincoln home until they saw their radon level. Seeing that, the homeowners knew they wouldn't be ready until they were sure the house was safe. We installed a mitigation system and spoke with the Lincoln homeowners about Breathe EZ and other ways to ensure safe and clean indoor air quality so Susie and her mother can breathe safely.

Radon Mitigation - Denton, NE

This client did make sure his home was tested for radon. It's a newly renovated home and it's nice in person. He requested the best and ideal that would fit in his home's structure. We were able to draft one for him and really liked it! Installation went well.

Radon Mitigation - Denton, NE - Photo 1
Radon Mitigation - Waverly, NE

This client had their home tested for radon and the results weren't really good. Worried about their family's health, they proceeded to inquire with Radon Defense Midwest with the ideal radon mitigation system designed for the home's structure. They liked it but requested a few remediations to keep the home's aesthetic. The installation was easy since there were extraction points found for the system. Everything went well! 

Radon Mitigation - Waverly, NE - Photo 1
New Basement, New Radon Mitigation System!

The client has an unfinished basement and would consider transforming it to his own personal office or utility room. He had a radon test before but was a little hesitant and tried to get another one. Turned out with same results. He wanted to mitigate as soon as possible as he is about to finish the construction for his basement. Luckily, the team had a sump and interior drain tile to work with. Customer did offer to handle the sealing of wall joints and anything around the plumbing since it's within the construction plan. Everything went well! 

New Basement, New Radon Mitigation System! - Photo 1
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