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Exterior Exhaust Fan with Cover Aesthetic Package in Tekamah, NE

Exterior Exhaust Fan with Cover Aesthetic Package in Tekamah, NE

Before After
Exterior Exhaust Fan with Cover Aesthetic Package in Tekamah, NE Exterior Exhaust Fan with Cover Aesthetic Package in Tekamah, NE

Featured here is our new modernized cover to protect the exhaust fan of the depressurization radon mitigation system, and make the aesthetic more visually appealing.

Radon Mitigation - Tekamah, NE

Radon Mitigation - Tekamah, NE

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Radon Mitigation - Tekamah, NE Radon Mitigation - Tekamah, NE

This couple was really about their home's radon levels because it reached a point of twenty! That is highly alarming, they wanted to have a radon mitigation system installed right there and then. The team was able to fit them in their best convenient time and everything went well. 

Radon Mitigation - Tekamah, NE

Radon Mitigation - Tekamah, NE

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Radon Mitigation - Tekamah, NE Radon Mitigation - Tekamah, NE

This homeowner is considering to sell their home and get an upgrade but wanted to ensure it was safe from radon. She was fully aware that it is indeed a requirement to have a home tested and better value if it has a radon mitigation system installed. Radon Defense Midwest installed a mitigation system before the sale, giving the buyer peace of mind and increasing the home's value.

Everything went great....

Tekamah falls within EPA's Zone 1 which is the "Highest Potential Zone" for radon risk. Because the zones reflect predicted average levels, the EPA recommends that ALL homes be tested, regardless of zone. (EPA.gov/radon)

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Radon testing, radon mitigation, & indoor air quality in Tekamah, NE

High Risk Area for Radon

Radon is an odorless and invisible gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers, and has been found in every state. Do you have radon in your Tekamah home?

Leading Radon Testing & Radon Mitigation Services in Tekamah, NE

Radon is an invisible, natural, odorless, and toxic gas that can lead to health complications if not taken care of. At Radon Defense Midwest, our trained experts have been making homes safer for the past [years in business] years. Prolonged exposure to hazardous levels of radon can lead to serious health issues, even cancer. Trust Radon Defense Midwest in Tekamah to keep your home clean and safe. Even if you already have an existing radon mitigation system, Radon Defense Midwest can check it out and make sure it’s still keeping your home safe! Contact Radon Defense Midwest today to hear about our radon testing, radon mitigation, and radon abatement services in Tekamah, NE.

Trusted indoor air quality solutions

While radon may be one of the most serious and dangerous indoor air pollutants, it is not the only air contaminant that can cause health problems. Pollen, pet dander, mold spores, or other contaminants can cause health issues, especially if you have family members with asthma, respiratory issues, or allergies.

Radon Defense Midwest can help you with your indoor air quality concerns with our products and services, which includes:

  • Radon testing
  • Radon mitigation
  • Multi-family radon mitigation
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
  • Breathe EX Air Cleaner
  • Breathe EZ UV Light
  • Dehumidifiers

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If you are concerned about radon or just want to remove other airborne contaminants in your home, contact Radon Defense Midwest today for your free estimate! We proudly serve Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa homeowners in Tekamah and nearby.

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Health Prioritizing Home Owner Happy With Radon Mitigation Decision

Samantha had always been very health-conscious. She ate well, exercised regularly, and always made sure to take care of her body. So when she moved into her new home, one of the first things she did was get it tested for radon.


Radon is a radioactive gas that can seep into homes through the ground, and it's the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Samantha knew that even low levels of radon could be dangerous, so she was relieved when the test results came back positive for radon. Samantha immediately started looking for radon mitigation companies and came across us - Radon Defense Midwest. After reading about their state-of-the-art radon mitigation solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction, Samantha decided to give them a call.


The Radon Defense Midwest team was professional and knowledgeable, and they worked with Samantha to develop a customized radon mitigation plan for her home. The plan included installing a radon mitigation system that would effectively draw out the radon gas from beneath her home and vent it safely outside. Throughout the entire process, the team kept Samantha informed and involved, and they made sure to address any questions or concerns she had. When the radon mitigation system was finally installed, Samantha was impressed with the care and attention to detail that the team had put into the installation.


Samantha's health was a top priority, and she was happy to know that her home was now a safe and healthy environment. She was grateful to Radon Defense Midwest for their expertise and commitment to providing efficient radon mitigation solutions, and she knew that she had made the right decision in choosing them. With the radon mitigation system in place, Samantha could breathe easy and focus on enjoying her home without worrying about the potential health risks of radon. She knew that she had taken an important step in prioritizing her health, and she was happy with her decision.

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Project Location: Tekamah, NE
Need a radon system
Project Location: Tekamah, NE
Radon eas high when we bought the house. We are in the process of selling the house and buyers would like radon mitigation done.
Project Location: Tekamah, NE
We are moving into a new home that the previous owners smoked in for 40+ years. We are hoping to get our air ducts clean to help eliminate the odor
Project Location: Tekamah, NE
Project Location: Tekamah, NE
We did two radon kits ourselves and both came back with higher levels so wanting to get a professional out to check it out.