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Radon Defense Midwest Case Studies: Removing Very Bad Odors from an Iowa House

Thursday, June 11th, 2020 by Curt Drew


Katie was at a loss what to do next. A sewer pipe was broken under her house. It was leaking a strong sewer smell into her house. Katie tried everything. She had multiple plumbers out, but their recommendations would cost over $25,000.  Katie poured bleach down the floor drains on a daily basis.  All that did was mask the smell.  Katie just did a really nice remodel too, but her house smelled terrible.  


Katie called National Radon Defense Midwest.  She had heard that a radon system might pull some of that sewer gas from under her house. She thought it was worth looking into.

Tony Kulhanek, Indoor Air Quality Expert from NRD Midwest, came out to the house to listen and learn about the problem.  Together, Tony and Katie decided to prescribe a Radon Mitigation System, an Energy Recovery Ventilator, and a Breathe EZ Air Cleaner.

"The results are amazing", Katie shared after the system was installed.  

NRD Midwest Team Leader Lance Lichtas and co-Foreman Cole Kellogg installed the system.  The Radon Mitigation System is a depressurization system. It's designed to pull soil gasses out of the house before entering. It worked great here.

The Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) actively pulls fresh air into the unit, conditions that air, and then injects the fresh air into the house.  At the same time, the ERV is pulling the poor indoor air out of the house and exhausting it outside. 

The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is installed into the current HVAC filter space in the furnace. The air cleaner actively filters particles, viruses, bacteria, odors, and radon decay products using a 24 volt current within the unit.

Combining these 3 solutions resulted in a huge improvement to Katie's indoor air quality.

Please watch the video of Katie explaining how the system worked for her in the video testimonial section of our website. 

NRD Midwest is so excited that we could help Katie enjoy her newly remodeled house with fresh, clean air! 

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