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Radon Defense Midwest Case Studies: Encapsulated Crawlspace Radon Mystery Solved in Omaha, NE

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 by Ashlynn Andersen


Tim of Omaha came to us for help regarding his radon gas problem. Even though he had already encapsulated his crawlspaces, his radon gas levels were still high and he wanted to see what solutions we could provide for mitigation. 


We installed a radon gas depressurization mitigation system in his crawlspaces and remaining chambers of his home to get his levels down to 1.1 pCi/L from above 4.0 pCi/L. Afterward, Tim shared with us, "I would rate my experience with everyone a 10. I would go higher if the scale allowed. From setting up the original walk through... and the installation went fantastic. You guys were extremely pleasant and accommodated my schedule. Tony was well informed and explained everything. Andrew and Matt did a great job and got everything tucked away very nicely. I couldn’t be happier, thanks to everyone."

Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Tony Kulhanek

Technician: Matt Micheels

Team Leader: Andrew Albright

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