Radon Defense Midwest Case Studies: CVS in Need of Radon Mitigation Assistance in Omaha, NE

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During the remodel of the 84th and Harrison CVS in Omaha, the construction crew found a radon pipe where a doorway was intended. The General Contractor called our team and asked if we could assist them with moving the pipe so they could install the doorway where it was meant to be. It's a good thing they enlisted the help of our professional team to make it right!


Our system design specialist, Dustin Jones, accompanied our General Manager, Anthony Maester to take a look at the problem and see how we could solve it. Then, our technicians Lance and Cole went out with Anthony to move the pipe overnight so as to avoid contact with customers as much as possible. They did a great job taking care of the radon mitigation system!

Project Summary

System Design Specialist: Dustin Jones

Team Leader: Lance Lichtas

Technician: Cole Kellogg

General Manager: Anthony Maeser

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