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I had been dealing with the sewer smell in my home for while. Went through countless bottles of bleach to try help eliminate the smell. I read about National Radon Defense Midwest and decided to give them a try. I met with Tony, who explained the process and what he felt would help me get rid of the smell once and for all. Lance and his crew were friendly and so efficent. I noticed a difference the very next day inregards to the smell in my home. I would highly recommend National Radon Defense Midwest! They did an awesome job! 
Katie J. of Corning, IA
Friday, July 10th
My wife recently got diagnosed with lung Cancer. Never smoked and have a feeling it was brought on by Radon. Feels pretty safe now that the install was done. Andrew took the time to explain the system and how it works. Feels confident with our work and would recommend us to friends and family.
Steve S. of Council Bluffs, IA
Thursday, April 23rd
Referred National Radon Defense Midwest already!
Roger B. of Coon Rapids, IA
Thursday, August 27th
Testimonial Photo by Bernie S.
Andrew made sure this system was hidden well to help lower the radon levels in this home and make it a safer place to be!
Bernie S. of Coon Rapids, IA
Thursday, January 20th
Testimonial Photo by Alan M.
They explained things very well and they gave a few tips about improving basement, did work very well and fast. They kept updating me on when they would arrive as well, which I appreciated.
Alan M. of Glidden, IA
Tuesday, September 22nd
Testimonial Photo by Maynard H.
Very cordial, friendly, did fine. I'm pleased!
Maynard H. of Wiota, IA
Thursday, August 13th
Testimonial Photo by Alex S.
The guys did great. I have no complaints.
Alex S. of Nodaway, IA
Monday, August 17th
Testimonial Photo by Richard S.
It was a great experience with this company. From start to finish I was happy with all the work that was done!
Richard S. of Armstrong, IA
Thursday, March 2nd
Testimonial Photo by Gary B.
Did a great job!
Gary B. of Audubon, IA
Friday, September 25th
Testimonial Photo by Becky K.
Everything was fine! 
Becky K. of Atlantic, IA
Thursday, October 29th
Testimonial Photo by Rhonda O.
The crew did a great job with our install we give them a 10/10!! 
Rhonda O. of Atlantic, IA
Tuesday, November 1st
Everything went fine. Service was good. They did a good job and explained everything - did a good job explaining. I was satisfied.
Brian H. of Emmetsburg, IA
Wednesday, April 7th
Appreciated the sheet they laid down to protect the carpet.
Kenneth H. of Clarinda, IA
Thursday, September 17th
Testimonial Photo by Marc L.
Guys did an awesome job. Were friendly and worked efficent. I am happy I chose Radon Defense Midwest for my project.
Marc L. of Clarinda, IA
Tuesday, September 14th
Testimonial Photo by Scott B.
Andrew and Jordan did a great job with this radon mitigation system
Scott B. of Clarinda, IA
Friday, February 4th
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