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Indoor Air Quality Services - Breathe EZ Cleaner in Coon Rapids, IA

Breathe EZ Cleaner in Coon Rapids, IA
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A standard furnace air filter won't trap microscopic dust particles, mold spores, allergens, airborne bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and unpleasant odors. 

The solution is the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner. In clinical trials, this air cleaner filtered 98% of radioactive elements in the air. It can be easily installed into your furnace's 1-inch filter space by a trained installer. All you need to do is make sure the air in your home is circulating through your HVAC system. The harmful radon decay particles will attach themselves to the Breathe EZ air cleaner, reducing your risk of lung cancer.

If you have high radon levels, we recommend installing a radon mitigation system as your first line of defense, and the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner for added protection.

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